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Available songs for Aradhana album of Ajith Bandara

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   Aradana 172 0% Vote for Aradana Vote for Aradana
   As Kathakarai 153 0% Vote for As Kathakarai Vote for As Kathakarai
   Duka Hithena Tharam 155 0% Vote for Duka Hithena Tharam Vote for Duka Hithena Tharam
   Kadulu Hurunathi 151 0% Vote for Kadulu Hurunathi Vote for Kadulu Hurunathi
   Kadulu Metharam 160 0% Vote for Kadulu Metharam Vote for Kadulu Metharam
   Kaleta Payapu 150 0% Vote for Kaleta Payapu Vote for Kaleta Payapu
   Obe Hagum 151 0% Vote for Obe Hagum Vote for Obe Hagum
   Premaye Madure 150 0% Vote for Premaye Madure Vote for Premaye Madure
   Rathu Rosa 157 0% Vote for Rathu Rosa Vote for Rathu Rosa
   Sayure Rala 148 0% Vote for Sayure Rala Vote for Sayure Rala
   Tharuwak Watenna 155 0% Vote for Tharuwak Watenna Vote for Tharuwak Watenna

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