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Available songs for Sudu Araliya Mala album of Ajith Muthukumarana

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Sudu Araliya Mala (2000)

   Aadaraya Kiyaadun 11708 0% Vote for Aadaraya Kiyaadun Vote for Aadaraya Kiyaadun
   Boganvilla Male 5327 0% Vote for Boganvilla Male Vote for Boganvilla Male
   Budu Puthek 5577 0% Vote for Budu Puthek Vote for Budu Puthek
   Ivasannam Raththarane 5229 0% Vote for Ivasannam Raththarane Vote for Ivasannam Raththarane
   Kaduru Malak 5277 0% Vote for Kaduru Malak Vote for Kaduru Malak
   Kandu Mudunin 5116 0% Vote for Kandu Mudunin Vote for Kandu Mudunin
   Mage Kandulin 5145 0% Vote for Mage Kandulin Vote for Mage Kandulin
   Mage Kumaariye 5041 0% Vote for Mage Kumaariye Vote for Mage Kumaariye
   Mangala Muduwa 5521 0% Vote for Mangala Muduwa Vote for Mangala Muduwa
   Paththara Pituwaka 5077 0% Vote for Paththara Pituwaka Vote for Paththara Pituwaka
   Pempatha Irannepa 5176 0% Vote for Pempatha Irannepa Vote for Pempatha Irannepa
   Pena Bubulak 5128 0% Vote for Pena Bubulak Vote for Pena Bubulak
   Samaawenna Oba Mata 5086 0% Vote for Samaawenna Oba Mata Vote for Samaawenna Oba Mata
   Sawasa Panthiyata 5556 0% Vote for Sawasa Panthiyata Vote for Sawasa Panthiyata
   Sudu Araliya mala 6059 0% Vote for Sudu Araliya mala Vote for Sudu Araliya mala
   Weherahena 5064 0% Vote for Weherahena Vote for Weherahena

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