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Available songs of Gayani Dilrukshi

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Unknown Album

   Kiyambulathawo 48 0% Vote for Kiyambulathawo Vote for Kiyambulathawo
   Mage Sihine 43 0% Vote for Mage Sihine Vote for Mage Sihine
   Me Paasal Meda Midulai 40 0% Vote for Me Paasal Meda Midulai Vote for Me Paasal Meda Midulai
   Oba Piyambala 39 0% Vote for Oba Piyambala Vote for Oba Piyambala
   Sasara Nirudaka 40 0% Vote for Sasara Nirudaka Vote for Sasara Nirudaka
   Sitha Sasalai 44 0% Vote for Sitha Sasalai Vote for Sitha Sasalai

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